Hannah Paget, a grade 6 pupil from St Andrew’s School for Girls in Bedfordview, participated in the Dance Star Competition (World Dance festival) held in Croatia as part of the South African Dance team.

There were roughly a dozen countries represented at the competition which appeared to cater for various dancing disciplines and segregated into the A league and B league.

Hannah participated in 6 performances as follows:

A League:

  • Commercial solo – children section “Hannah” – 1st Place
  • Urban group – junior section “Stereotype” – 1st Place
  • Commercial group –junior section “Fierce” – 5th Place
  • Urban group – adult section “Throwback” – 3rd Place

B League

  • Urban group – children “Symphony” – 1st Place
  • Production – junior “Pricetag” – 1st Place

Well done Hannah!!

Hannah Paget 1828