Victoria-Anne, Pupil of St Andrew’s School for Girls, has had a very successful year and achieved a total of 12 -1st places and 8-2nd places in the U10 & U12 Sanesa and Vasa vaulting Competitions throughout the year in  E Grade, D Grade Novice and Squad – Levels 1 and 3).

Victoria-Anne was chosen for the Gauteng Equestrian A Team for Vaulting to represent Gauteng at the SA National Championships in Stellenbosch Western Cape in September this year where she won all her categories, a total of 6 1st Places,  on Horse and Barrel as well as being crowned as over-all National Champion and Top score winner in E-grade and Level 1 with the second Highest score of the entire competition across all age groups and all levels and grades.

At the Annual National Sanesa Prize Giving in September this year – Victoria-Anne was awarded her Certificate of Merit for Vaulting Horse and Certificate of Merit for Barrel and was awarded her Equestrian School Provincial Colours.

At the Annual Vasa South Africa Equestrian Prize Giving early in October of this year – Victoria-Anne was awarded “Top U10 E Grade Vaulter – 2019”.

Victoria-Anne was selected for the South African Equestrian Team for Vaulting to represent South Africa and leaves for Mauritius for the Tri-Nations Cup mid-October this year.  Only 10 athletes per country are chosen from all age groups and across all levels to represent their country.

We wish Victoria-Anne the best of luck in Mauritius!