Schools That Rock ask a few questions to Cameron de Kock, Head Boy of Leeuwenhof Academy

Question: How do you experience the influence of the Covid19 virus on our country?

In my view the COVID 19 outbreak  has had and will continue to have a  great impact on economic and social aspects not only in South Africa, but also the entire world. Socially it has had an impact on how we interact with our friends and family , and we have had to find new and innovative ways to keep up our physical and mental well being, the well being not only of our youth, but adults too who now have much more time on their hands. New apps have been developed and churches and schools, for example, have had to rely more on technology to carry on with services/ education, this might not otherwise have happened. The economy is very negatively affected by most individuals not being able to work, so many industries and small businesses have been affected with little or no income, and the economy will take months if not years to recover. Our hospitals, both state and private have  been placed under huge pressure .

Question: Do you think the virus will influence future education at schools? Will schools approach education in a new way?

Yes, in my opinion it does have a huge influence on the future of teaching, for both students and teachers. Teachers cannot teach in the ways that they used to, they will have to adapt to use technology and online platforms  more. I am in the fortunate position to have started the new term online but many learners are not. Students have to be self disciplined and get into their own routine to sit down and do the work, depending on how the school year goes ahead, the education department, schools, teachers and learners  are going  to have make up for lost time but will at least be better prepared if something like this happens again.

Question: How are you planning to still reach your goals for your last year at school?

I am going  to be more organised, have a balanced schedule that I stick to and most importantly stay positive and strive to achieve what I had planned to at the beginning of the year. Fortunately I have committed teachers, parents and friends that are supportive.

Question: What and where are you going to study after school?

Well, my main future career that I’m working towards, is to become a professional rugby player. But while playing rugby for my ‘back-up’ plan, I want to study for my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy the technical side of things as well as technical drawings, it has always been a dream of mine to achieve.